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Want music for your children...  

   ... that is both Godly and entertaining?

          ...that helps them memorize important
              verses in the Bible?

                ...that you will enjoy as much as                  
                    they will?  

                        ...that teaches them valuable lessons from                            God's Word?

...then get Sue Simon's new CD

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Children's Scripture Retemory Songs and More
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Thanks for stopping by our web site!

This is the beginning phase of this project.  You can now order our new CD, Think God's Thoughts, right here online or use a mail-in order form if you would prefer. 

There will be a number of other related items that we will make available in the near future like:  an mp3 download option, tracks (instrumental versions minus vocals),  hand motion guides and more. For now we hope you enjoy the CD.

God bless you!

Sue Simon

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